Thursday, May 28, 2015

Galimoto 25 years and now part of the Center for the Collaborative Classroom!

Galimoto is 25 this year!  Still appreciated

Still going strong.

Still chosen.    The Center for the Collabortative Classroom has added Galimoto to their curriculum.

It is an honor to have Galimoto join the ranks of this program that uses so many fine books.  A non profit organization that uses literature in their mission, dedicated to students' growth as critical thinkers who learn from, care for and respect one another.

Learn more here:
And see the interview with the author here:

Interview with Karen Lynn Williams

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Four Feet Two Sandals Goes to Lancaster, PA

From the Navajo Reservation to Amish country!   

Thanks to  Church World Services I had the honor and pleasure to share the background to Four Feet Two Sandals with a group of volunteers and others working with and interested in the refugees from around the world living in the Lancaster area.  

It was exhilarating and humbling to meet such a dedicated group.

Oh the places one book can take the author!

Friday, May 1, 2015

25 year Celebration: Galimoto still going strong!

This little book has been in print for 25 years and still going strong!  It grew out of my passion for the children of Malawi, their resourcefulness and perseverance and for the remarkable toys they made.  Toys I saw as works of art made out of discarded scraps and ingenuity.  

Galimoto has made many friends around the world and brought me joy, taught me much and given me tremendous gratification as readers have responded to Kondi and his journey to build a Galimoto.

Help me Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!         

In celebration I am offering free books to the first 25 readers to respond.  Share this opportunity with friends, family, neighbors, teachers, librarians and young people, readers everywhere!  Contact me with your name and address at 
or private message me on Face Book.

Read More about Galimoto Here:

Galimoto (Lothrop, 1990) Illustrated by Catherine Stock
--A Reading Rainbow Featured Book--New York Times Book Review - Top Ten Books for Children, Summer Reading Selection--Martin Luther King “Living the Dream”BookAward--ParentsChoiceHonorBook,ParentsChoiceFoundation
“Ms. Williams is a skillful story teller and uses language nimbly...Her text, while precise, is smooth and lyrical--a joy to read aloud. The story's strength is in the subtly stated message that persistence and creativity can make dreams come true in spite of the odds" --Patricia McKissack, New York Times Book Review
”Children from all corners of the world will warm to this tale of a boy's persistence.”
-- Publishers Weekly
“Not only an authentic picture of present-day Africa, this is also an attractive portrayal of self-reliant children who know how to meet their own needs through good-humored bargaining and ingenuity, happily absorbed in imaginative play.” -- Kirkus
”Kondi's perseverance and the pleasure he takes in his accomplishments are just two of the delights of this appealing story.” --The Horn Book Magazine 

Order your free copy NOW!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Check out my article and photos in Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot

It's finally out and I get to announce the sale of my article and photos to the Publication of the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.

The Spider Rock Girls: Weaving in Beauty.

I took my first weaving class with this unique and talented family of weavers here in Chinle four years ago.  Since then we have become friends and my appreciation for the craft and art of Navajo weaving has grown along with the appreciation of how special this family is and how important weaving is in keeping them centered and  helping them to continue a life walking in Beauty.

I began my writing career with articles and photos from Malawi, Africa sold to publicans like Highlights for Children so this is an exciting full circle for me and I hope to explore the use use of digital photography to compliment my writing in future stories and articles.

Here are a few photos that did not appear in the Magazine.

 Sophia, the youngest member of the family itching to get her fingers on that loom and begin weaving.

Grandma the matriarch of the family, a stern but

loving teacher.  The girls learned early that if you make a mistake you take it out and start over.

Emily shows off the family signature design.  

Read more and see more photos in The 2014-15 issue of Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot.  Learn more about weaving, dying and other fabric arts.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Love Gardens, I Love Books

I love libraries.  And I love to see young people using their passion, taking initiative, doing something to make a difference.  See what Lori has done:

Buliding a little free library dedicated to Cathy Horowitz, my amazing mother and elementary school librarian for 35 years, took crowdsourced fundraising (we raised $1700!) and the collective effort of the neighborhood. I moved to Black St in East Liberty in the summer of 2013. Once I became involved in the community garden in my new neighborhood, I realized how many children there are around the area, and how much they could stand to benefit from a Little Free Library. The library we built houses children's books for four different age ranges: 0-4, 4-8, 8-12,and 12+ to young adult as well as gardening books. I am so excited that it is up and running, and the neighborhood kids really seem to feel the same. We thank Karen Lynn Williams for her contribution of a number of copies of Galimoto. This is a book that I grew up with my mother reading to me, it was one of my and her favorites. I am very glad that it gets to be a part of our Little Free Library.  

See more here:

Thanks Lori!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where is Beatrice Now?

Every once in a while I am asked where Beatrice is now.

Wendy Stone the photographer for this book I wrote after visiting Kenya sees Beatrice about once a year.

Here is what she has to say:

I see Beatrice every
year and I am in close contact with her via email. I am going to Kenya
in February and I will be seeing her then.
She is doing so well. She graduated
from Utali Hospitality School last year, after a two year course in
cooking and hotel hospitality. 
She was unable to be accepted in
University for nursing or teaching since 
her high school grades were
not high enough. 
Considering her background, she is incredibly
accomplished.  She and I visited many schools 
together and she decided
that Utali was the best choice for her. 
Her story continues to be
truly amazing. Shortly after she graduated, 
the terrorists El Shabab,
started attacks in Kenya. 
All tourists cancelled their trips to Kenya.
In addition to that, Ebola broke out in West Africa, 
so most people
who had planned to visit Africa, 
cancelled their trips. Many hotels have
now closed and thousands of Kenyans, 
who worked in the
tourist/travel/hotel industry, 
are  now unemployed. So Beatrice was
unable to find a job. 
She made a very smart decision to go back to
school again and is now 
taking a two year course at Moi University.

Check back for recent photographs of Beatrice and 
more about her story when Wendy returns from Kenya 
in February.

In the meantime see what Wendy Stone has 
been doing in her photo workshops with
young girls in Kenya.