Monday, June 25, 2012

Sheep is Life

Here is how I spent four days last week celebrating sheep.  Dying, carding, spinning wool, felting slautering sheep, cooking mutton and fry bread.  Lots of material for yarns weather you spin a yarn or weave a yarn....write a yarn or tell a yarn....Churro wool..lovely natural colors.

Or hunt down the weeds and herbs and roots and leaves that give the yarn more's all about detail.

Time out for lunch

Pulling, carding, spinnng, felting- all a part of the story and getting the tension right.  Reworking it when you don't get it right.

The setting counts too.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Simple Acts of Compassion

Here we are, Steve and I at the end of our 28 mile uphill climb on our road bikes on May 12.  It was a exhilarating ride and we took a moment at the top to take this photo and enjoy the endorphen high.

Soon after, we were headed back down the canyon rim thinking about the hot tub, a glass of wine and dinner with freinds.  Little did we know...

We were coasting down a winding 8% grade when I heard a groan behind me.  I stopped to check and found Steve unconscious on the pavement, ten feet from his bike.  I will save the traumatic details for another time.

This blog is a thank you to everyone who stopped to help, although they will likely never see it... There was no cell phone coverage at the site of the accident.  While I held Steve's hand hoping for life to return, complete strangers took over.  Someone drove out to call an ambulence.  Someone else guided traffic.  One young man stopped and gently bandgaged his head.  A family with a toddler in tow gave up 4 hours of their two- day weekend vacation to stay with me, supplying water and comfort.  Others stopped to help but when they realized they could not do anything more, they left.  They did not stay to gawk.

Two poeple, I don't even know their names, traced us later in the hospital, called to find out how we were doing.

I have always believed in the goodness of human beings everywhere.  These small acts of kindness and humanity made a huge difference in my life that day and ultimately in my husband's road to recovery.

This is a thank you to those who helped that day and to those of you who have ever stopped to give support to a stranger.  It is a reminder to me to be kinder and more helpful then I might have been before this accident.   I hope this will inspire you to do the same.  Caught up in our own daily lives we often forget how great a difference we can make with a small act of kindness for a stranger.

I know it has all been said before but a reminder doesn't hurt.  Steve and I will not soon forget, not only the support from strangers, but the healing messages, meals and kind thoughts from freinds and family around the world.