Wednesday, December 31, 2014

May Your New Year be Magic.

A friend of mine gave me a gift last week.  She took me to see the fairy houses hidden along the Tranquility Trail in Frick Park Pittsburgh.  There have been been ten reportedly found.  We saw about five.

Five tiny dwellings harbored at the base of trees and cuddled in logs.  Magic!

And unexpected!  I am usually a passionate observer of nature.  I found that while exploring the fairy world I suddenly saw things I had not noticed in ways I had not seen them before.


And imagine!  My imagination has been captured.  Who built these dwellings?  Who lives in them?  So much for a writer to ponder.

The Creative!  I am not only passionate about nature but about found object art.  So I have found a new wonder and new possibilities and inspiration.

Don't be surprised if tiny abodes begin appearing on mesas or canyons near my home in the southwest.  I can imagine that fairies in the desert live in very different tiny homes built out of sun bleached bones and stones and bits of cactus perhaps.

Their stories will be different too.

Look closely for the Fairy dust behind the doors in life.

 Carry it with you.

 And then this surprise from my photography instructor.  A Holiday photo.   Darcy Pino
There is a theme here.  As a writer I am always searching out the themes.

Wishing you magic and creativity, inspiration and surprises this New Year.  Embrace the unexpected and find Joy in the tiny things.

The Snow Fairy

Claude McKay
And don't forget the poetry in life.  Along the same theme I share with you this poem.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas on the Rez: A Holiday Album

Even on the Rez...stockings are hung,

Hoping for a white Christmas,

A bazaar every weekend at churches and schools and community centers,

Cactuses are lit up,

Colored lights shine from out on the mesa

and closer to home.

And my Reena-dear ;-) enjoys a Christmas treat.

Wishing you Joy and Peace for the Holidays.