Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tucson book Festival: Part two: Books alive and well

Imagine a school that greets you with a Mariachi Band! Note I do not have an instrument and I do not sing ;-). These kids were great. I want to dance!

A school with Acquabioponics in the kind of place...I want one!

A school that is bilingual....REALLY Bilingual. I want to learn Spanish!

Attentive listeners...that author must be good;-)

And finally? It was all about books...thousands of people and there would have been more if they could have found a place to park...I guess that was a good thing...too many people coming together for books.

I even sold a few!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Beatrice Reviewed on Pirate Tree

Beatrice's Dream was reviewed on Pirate Tree

And make sure you check back at this site regularly for reviews and good news. Thank you Nancy Bo Flood!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tucson book Festival: Captains log: March 7, 2012

8:45 AM:

Leave Chinle in a dust
storm. Visibility poor.

8:52 Ganado. Left home with only half a tank of gas...still have a half of tank of gas.

I stop for gas.

Gas costs $3.59.

My dilemma. Map quest says turn left, GPS says go straight.
I turn left.

9:16: I am in the middle of a snow storm even though the sign says, "High Dust Warning".

Note to self: should have followed the GPS directions.

9:41 Snow stops.
Signs for Wide Ruins.
I muse: This is the name of Famous Navajo rug design. Wish I were home weaving.

9:41- 11:32: Not much happens. I eat a lot of junk food.

11:32 Tank is down a 1/4.

Must stop for gas.

$4.19? Really????


11:32-2:21 Not much happens. Eat junk food.
Stop at every gas station .
Use rest room...often.
Low on coffee. Switch to diet Pepsi
Stock up on junk food.

More driving. Maybe I should have flown.

There really are places like:


They sell Gas!!!!

Next hour and a half: Mountains forever.
Good thing I have gas....and water...and junk food.
No rest rooms.

Many signs that say: Watch for falling Rocks.

Ya think?

Much time to contemplate. Should I drive fast so rocks will not fall on me? Or slow so I do not hit rocks?

GPS keeps recalculating my arrival time: Do they keep moving Tucson? takes longer and longer to get there.

Sometime mid afternoon: Cactus!

And Wildflowers.

4:15-ish: Tucson. Schools and Book Festival. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 5, 2012

More Good News About Beatrice!

Book Dragon, the blog of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific Program has good things to say about Beatrice's Dream.
Check out this review at