Thursday, June 17, 2010

From the Dump to E-Books

The D. Dump is a dump to die for.  It has the garbage sorted and an actual "library" of sorts for the the books that are...well... dumped there.  There is other stuff outside too..anything and everything that some might not want and people like me need.
Around about the same time Leslie found this treasure which I wrote, at the dump, I was offered a contract for three of my books to become e-books.  One of the books,  One Thing I'm Good At, is out of print, another midgrade novel(they are hot at the moment by the way).
The other two are picture books.  I am told that the technology is not quite ready for the PBs to go into e-book format.  But the novel can be available when I sign the contract.  

I have also been told that having my books on e-books will only make the interest in hardcopies of my books great....I am not sure about that.  

But I do worry about those of us who find great joy in treasures, especially books, found at the dump or junk shop or second- hand store.  How will we find the joy of "THE FIND" in cyber space?

Of course the author doesn't get paid for books sold second hand OR found at the dump but the pennies we make on an e-book are not going to make us rich either. 

In the meantime I am gearing up for another move.  I have to part with some books(to make room for new finds) and I wish I had the Duxbury Dump nearby in Pittsburgh.  But then I just might come home with more books than I dump...and one of them might be my own!  And who knows Applebaum's Garage might find it's way to e-book format.