Monday, January 3, 2011

A Beach Tail in Winter becomes a Winter's Tale

My daughter-in-law told me she is mentoring a
child. He picked A Beach Tail from a stack of books because the child on the cover looked like him.

After they read the book they were out in the snow. He found a stick and began drawing in the snow, just like Gregory from the book does at the beach in the sand.
Now why didn't I make that connection???

I need to add the idea to my Teacher Guide Page and make A Beach Tail a year around book. Although I guess there are people always going to the beach somewhere in the world :-) even when it is winter where I am.

When there is snow on the mountains it is time for story telling in the hogan with a warm fire, stories of First Man and First Woman, the twins and Spider Woman. Time for Fire Dances and Yabeche. Healing dances around bonfires in the night until dawn lasting nine days. With a break for the holidays my loom is nearly half way full of simple Navajo weaving in stripes. My first rug. And in the sweat lodge I made new friends lulled into community peace by chanting.