Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Look What Happened At My House Last Week!

Emily Malone and the Spider Rock Girls needed a place to hold their Navajo weaving class.  I was honored to have them in my home for 4 days.

 It was lovely to sit and write with the soft beat of the battens in the next room planting the warp into the weft.  All that color and energy and creativity inspired too.

 Inspired me to finally get to work on that last inch or so on my loom.

 Emily set up my warp so I will be ready for my next project.  Finally I plan to use all those skeins I dyed myself from local herbs and tree bark and leaves.

 Reena was bored.

 And what about the writing?  The Spider Rock Girls were kind enough to read and comment on
my Picture Book Tawny's Gift, a Picture Book of fiction, work in progress about sheep and weaving.  They gave me some good criticism.

If you are interested in lessons in Navajo weaving taught by professional Navajo weavers.  Or if you might want to buy an heirloom Navajo rug unlike any other, contact Emily Malone: