Thursday, August 6, 2009

GALIMOTO Still Inspires

I was invited to visit Nature Camp at the Frick Park Environmental Center in Pittsburgh this summer.  
Galimoto was the inspiration for much fun and creativity as second grade campers thought about ways to recycle plastic bags, wires, bottle caps, soda can tabs, bicycle wheels and scraps from nature into toys. 

In the book, Kondi uses wire to build his special toy car.  But he has other things in his own box of toys including a dancing man puppet made from dry cornstalks.  A child in Africa might also have a yoyo made out of a bottle cap, a toy made from the sticky clay-like dirt of a termite mound, or a rag ball made of plastic bags. 

The Campers at Frick Park came up with their own ideas for jewelry, kite and even a hobo stick.  And games.  Who can throw their rag ball the farthest?  

Some of the comments I heard:  "It didn't know Camp would be this fun."  "Do we have to stop now?  No?  Good I want to keep doing this all day."  "I like this the best."  "I want to make lots for gifts."  "I want to make one of each."  

Frick Park Flowers Make Me Smile!

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