Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Star!

See this review in School Library Journal.



*A BEACH TAIL by Karen Lynn Williams      Starred Review

A charming tale of creativity and discovery. When Gregory draws a lion in

the sand, his father suggests that it needs a tail and a name. As the child

begins making a tail with a stick, Dad reminds him, “Don’t go into the

water, and don’t leave Sandy.” Although Gregory does not go into the water,

his interpretation of not leaving Sandy is highly suspect. As he continues

to draw the tail, it leads him a long way down the beach. Gregory winds it

around a purple jellyfish, a sandcastle, a horseshoe crab, and more, until

he reaches a jetty. He turns around and has lost sight of Dad, but

fortunately is clever enough to follow the tail back past his landmarks,

until he finds part of Sandy, whose body has been washed away. Greorgy is

happy and relieved to see his father sitting under the blue umbrella on the

dolphin towel. The pastel illustrations use a soft, muted palette and have

a grainy, beachlike feel to them. Cooper does an outstanding job of using

perspective to underscore the immensity of the beach and sea. Gregory’s

facial expressions are full of wonder and curiosity as he finds small

discoveries during this adventure. A wonderful summer tale to share

one-on-one or with a group.—Anne Beier, Hendrick Hudson Free Library,

Montrose, NY


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