Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our new Home and the things we carry with us

The things we carry with us (or not).

Dust form the old home.

Mouse poop???

The keys to the house of a good friend. 

The directions to the new garage door opener, the one in PA.

Fancy pants cloths and heels..for the dessert?

NO flyswatter.

Enough warm cloths? (who knew it got this cold in the dessert?)

And I can't find the spaghetti strainer anywhere.  A resourceful student suggests hammering nails into a plastic container to make holes.

And is it really possible to get lost in a three bedroom house all on one floor?  I walk around in circles.  And which shoes did I designate as indoor and which are for outdoor?    I give up and who cares if a little red dirt is all over the house.

The very biggest advice anyone can give us and most often given without soliciting advice:  DO NOT DRIVE AFTER DARK.  It seems everyone has hit a free range cow at least once.

It all seems very foreign and barren and beautiful all at once.  Much to discover and explore.

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