Thursday, May 19, 2011

Critters on the Mesa

So many little time. While getting to know the life and land here on the reservation, I am also meeting the critters.

Everyone is welcome at this table. This thirsty bird joins the humming birds at my feeder every day. I need to get t bird bath! Little moisture on the mesa. I am sure there is a story here and more.

We are told to watch for Black Widows in the garage. Steve treats patients for Widow stings? bites? They are nasty and life threatening. Is this spider outside my front door after Steve cleaned the garage a Black Widow? Hmmmm....

And these Coyote pups? kits? cub? Young 'uns greet me every day on the mesa. If a Coyote crosses the path of a Navajo it is bad luck and a blessing may need to be done but I just enjoy these critters.

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