Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Ol' Me! Tucson book Festival in March!

I have often asked myself, how did a nice girl like me end up in a place like this( think changing diapers by kerosene lamp in 110 degree heat while pregnant living at the end of a dirt road in Malawi). On the other hand I sometimes wonder Wow! How did little ol' me( think shy and withdrawn, afraid of my shadow) get HERE?

In two weeks I will have the honor to present at the Tucson festival of books with authors like Jack Gantos, Megan Mc Donald, Kadir Nelson, R.L Stine, Monica Brown, Jon Scieska and many others.

I will be speaking at area schools and at a mini conference at the University of Arizona. Check it all out at:

Little ol' me. If you live nearby(out west that means four hours away) come check it out.

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Leslie Davis Guccione said...

like, like, like. Oh that's Facebook. Well I like it all anyway. Go you! All well deserved. (You and the fab. Jack Gantos can jump off the stage together.)