Monday, March 12, 2012

Tucson book Festival: Captains log: March 7, 2012

8:45 AM:

Leave Chinle in a dust
storm. Visibility poor.

8:52 Ganado. Left home with only half a tank of gas...still have a half of tank of gas.

I stop for gas.

Gas costs $3.59.

My dilemma. Map quest says turn left, GPS says go straight.
I turn left.

9:16: I am in the middle of a snow storm even though the sign says, "High Dust Warning".

Note to self: should have followed the GPS directions.

9:41 Snow stops.
Signs for Wide Ruins.
I muse: This is the name of Famous Navajo rug design. Wish I were home weaving.

9:41- 11:32: Not much happens. I eat a lot of junk food.

11:32 Tank is down a 1/4.

Must stop for gas.

$4.19? Really????


11:32-2:21 Not much happens. Eat junk food.
Stop at every gas station .
Use rest room...often.
Low on coffee. Switch to diet Pepsi
Stock up on junk food.

More driving. Maybe I should have flown.

There really are places like:


They sell Gas!!!!

Next hour and a half: Mountains forever.
Good thing I have gas....and water...and junk food.
No rest rooms.

Many signs that say: Watch for falling Rocks.

Ya think?

Much time to contemplate. Should I drive fast so rocks will not fall on me? Or slow so I do not hit rocks?

GPS keeps recalculating my arrival time: Do they keep moving Tucson? takes longer and longer to get there.

Sometime mid afternoon: Cactus!

And Wildflowers.

4:15-ish: Tucson. Schools and Book Festival. Stay tuned.