Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Navajo Night

As the sun set on Wednesday, in Chinle, we gathered at the Drapper home.

Baby slept.

Fire Ready.

William Yahzee treated us to drumming and songs of the Navajo People(the Dine) and other tribes from the Southwest.

He also played the flute and brought along some sheep...visual aids for a love song about herding sheep.

The evening was to honor Teddy Drapper Sr.  codetalker form the second world war.
William treated us to a song Teddy composed in Navajo when he witnessed the flag as it was raised on Iwojima.

We danced the Navajo two- step and did the circle dance around the fire.  Clockwise to let the good spirits in and counter clockwise to chase the bad out.

Large white flowers in my garden that only bloom at night greeted us when we returned home.  They are poisionous but also strong medicine.

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