Monday, September 3, 2012

Writing A Picture Book is Easy....Not

Just do hours and hours of research for days and days.....

Then you develop a passion...or maybe you already had a passion.  You become more passionate.

You ignore other writing projects...that news article about the bats in school...hmmm that could be fun...who ever heard of a bat day off from school?  Two actually.   OK save that for the next project.

You ignore your much as possible.

(photo by Suchitra Baker)

You do more research and have some fun along the way.  

Then you write ane write and write.....  The you rewrite and rewrite and rewrite....

Then you hope someone will publish it.(You do a lot of hoping, sometimes you cry or scream or yell).

The support of writer friends helps a lot.

This process could take months or years.  

You gotta love this job!

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