Monday, January 28, 2013

Destination: Canyon de Chelly Window

The window is a famous rock formation in Canyon de Chelly.  We had an option to take a 7 mile hike on Sunday to find the window.  It rained all day Saturday.  Our guide texted me, "I'm still planning to hike tomorrow.  Rain, snow or shine. =).

On Sunday it was "iffy".  Cloudy, dark clouds, no rain.  Our guide texted, "  Might be lil muddy in some areas and possibility of some sprinkles but I think it will be good for a hike to the Window."

Steve and I decided to go for it, jumped out of bed. "C U at 10,"  I texted back. We had and hour to prepare for all contingencies.  We were nearly out the door when I go this message...from our guide,  "Ok, I'm having a lil trouble.  Haha.  Let's say 10:30 .  It's too muddy at my house and my car got stuck.  Lol.  So 1030.

This was not a propitious beginning.  Still we were committed.

800 fee down.  It was a little slippery, sky was gray and we had a few sprinkles.  We only had to cross water once....One option was to take off hiking boots and socks, wade through and put sock and boots back on...a lot of work in a lot of mud.  We built a bridge...of sorts instead.

  It worked.  We made it across.

 I got to see the canyon in a new light...cloudy day.  I have been in the sun and the rain and the snow...the colors are ever changing.   I want to know all the moods of this sacred place.

We made it to the window and there was sun.

We climbed up and got  the view from the window.

Headed back to White Sands trail to be up on top before sunset.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful journey, thank you for "taking me along" in words and pictures. Nancy Bo Flood