Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summertime and the Readin's Easy(with a nod to Gershwin and Suess)

If you are tired of reading about the joy of reading stop here.

Otherwise consider your own favorite reading places and spaces.

Would you, could you in a tree?  

Would you could you read a book ......


Could you there?

Could you read a book in the car or at a bar?  Would you could you at the beach?  Or on a plane or in the rain?

When my kids were growing up they knew they could get out of a summertime chore with the excuse "But mom I was just going out to the porch swing to read."  Even better with a summer shower in the background.

Summer porch reading out loud even when the children were well on to reading on their own was a joy that got me out of my summer chores too.

And that ride across country?  A family of six packed into the van for hours?  Non of the children will forget reading Gary Paulsen's Harris and Me, poignant and funny.  Even the eldest an angsty teen could not resist taking his earplugs out to listen and laugh.

Our last vacation in Hawaii found me reading on the plane(a gripping mystery by Tana French to keep this white- knuckled flyer calmly in her seat).

On the beach (of course) and even in the ocean side bar.

The young woman I spied reading in a tree next to the sea(captured in the photo by Jesse Renna) got me thinking about favorite reading times and places.

In the pool, in a tent, under an umbrella in the bath....in bed.  Hairdressers, soccer games, playgrounds, sandbox.

Here and there and everywhere.

Oh yes I would, I could..... read a book 'most anywhere!


doemora said...

Finally. Someone else who reads in the bathroom!!

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

We had a teen guest from Sweden years ago who thought the bathroom reading was a trash basket & asked if he could take a few of the magazines. :)

Lovely blog.