Thursday, August 8, 2013

Italy Loves Poetry: Details From Ionian Jewel

Italians are passionate.  They love their pasta and seafood, cheese and wine.  Who doesn't?

It  turns out Italians also love their poetry.   Traveling in the southern region of Calabria we came upon this poem on the wall of a tiny cafe/bar.

Unfortunately I cannot read Italian but it was lovely to see this illustrated, framed bit of writing decorating the wall of a bar in a mountain top village.

I too am passionate about poetry.  I even write some so this idea intrigued me even without the translation.

See my recent blog about traveling in Italy with my sister-in-law,  Nancy Howard who organizes Ionian Jewel Tours, custom made tours in Italy.

Traveling with Nancy you experience the details of Italian life you might ordinarily miss.

 For example I had the opportunity to meet Calabrese Poet Alfonso Cutruzzula.

He lives in Montepeone where Nancy grew up.
There is a fresh spring fountain on the road up to Montepeone and recently the village had a celebration to honor this place.

Alfonso wrote a poem which is on a plaque there.

The people of Montepeone remember this place as an important part of life in the village.  Going up and down the road people would stop to meet and greet one another, chat and share the news of the day.

They would like their children to have this experience and keep the tradition of sharing at the spring.

Here is a loose translation of the poem by Alfonso.  It is written in Calabrese:

No one can refresh like you. You water the land and the forest from a distance with joy and happiness. It does not matter who they are or what they do. Here is where they refresh themselves. Like me they love my little fountain.

One of Alfonso's books of poems.  I hear there is an autographed copy on it's way to me. ;-)

My brother Dave Howard with Alfonse.

Dave is a jazz guitarist.  It turns out the Italians love jazz too.  Another detail of Italy Nancy will share with you.  In fact Dave has performed in Italy often and will be there this month.

Find out what passions you share with Italy and her people when you travel with Nancy and Ionian Jewel Tours.


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Dave Howard said...

Alfonzo and his wife Rosetta are like family.
I love visiting them and chat into the evening.