Friday, February 28, 2014

Ten Steps To Retreat and Inspire: Bluff, UT

I have written several blogs about places I go "to get away from it all"  and write.  I have also written about a few best kept secrets if you live or travel in the four corners area.   La Posada Pintada proved to combine  both of these themes and so; Ten Steps to a Writing Retreat:

1.  Find an out of the way place that is comfortable and charming in a setting that is unusual and takes you out of your everyday surroundings.  La Posada Pintada( in Bluff, UT about and hour and a half from Chinle is the perfect place to get away from daily distractions; the laundry, dry plants on the window sill, dinners to prepare.   Even when you are only and hour and a half out of your normal element, the writing comes more easily.

2.  Bring a freind, one you can trust to give you time and space, yet give you honest criticism, one you can share a glass of wine with.  Nancy Bo Flood (  proved to be the perfect writing companion.

3.  Begin with a hearty breakfast.  At La Posada Pintada there is is fresh ground coffee in the rooms, a coffee maker and a refrigerator.   You can't eat it but there was also homemade "cowboy soap" in my bathroom.

4.  Take some fruit and yogurt back to your room for lunch.

5.  Choose a place that offers the best of nature. Warning! You may need to close the curtains if you hope to get any work done.  

6. Come out of your writer's daze once in while to sit on the front or back back door balcony of your room.   Enjoy the view and revitalize your writing self.

7.  Turn off your phone in case you get coverage where you are sitting.  Best to ignore texts and internet.  Try NOT to visit any of the trading posts and unique galleries in town.

 6.  Make sure you take an afternoon walk.  Exercise keeps the creative juices flowing.

7.  Get up in time for the sunrise.

8.  Make sure you catch the sunset.  A good time for wine and critique.

9.  Remember to call home so they know you are alive and still planning to return.

10.  Read before bed.

Repeat for several days.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Karen, for reminding me of one of the "top ten" writing retreats I've ever enjoyed. A beautiful narrative, a beautiful location, an inspiring critique companion.

Nancy Bo Flood

anne-louise fortin said...

Bravo! You inspire me and my friends writers in Qc City. I will continue to read your paper! Thank you very much! Anne-Louise Fortin

Books by Blevins said...

Thanks for posting the pics and your writing experience in Bluff.

We're full-time writers, and we moved to Bluff. The texture of silence is deep and beautiful. A great place for an artist to retreat and then come out of their own world.

Good people here. Artists of all sorts? Come visit. You'll be with friends when you want them, find peace when you need it.

best -- Meredith and Win Blevins