Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Peace Corps Proud.

This week we sent our youngest off to the Peace Corps in Paraguay.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!  He came by this choice honestly.

Steve and I were Peace Corps volunteers in Malawi more than a few years ago.

Jonathan's brother, Christopher and sister-in-law, Laurie returned from the Peace Corps in Mozambique two years ago.

But wait!  His cousin, Kayla was in Panama for 2 years with the Peace Corps and her mom, Robyn was in the Peace Corps before her.

So this weekend found us celebrating.  Thanks to friends and family who were with us for the send-off party.  Where we tried some recipes from Paraguay.

This cookie cake with chocolate and caramel was a hit.

But what is a party without the traditional?

And the chance to share some mate...an traditional infused tea from Paraguay. 

So the party is over and Jonathan is on his way to a new adventure.

We are proud that Jonathan will offer his skills and knowledge to a little part of the world as a volunteer in the environmental studies program in Paraguay.

But mostly we know that he will likely gain more than he gives and life will never be quite the same after the Peace Corps.

If you want to follow his adventures check out his blog here:



Verity Earl said...

You know, I don't know Jonathan, but I know you, Karen, and I know what a giving and bright soul you are. I know the apple wouldn't fall far from the tree! I'm very happy for his new adventure. I know I've said he looks like a hobbit before, and I stand by my evaluation, but he has an open and honest face, and that is a rare quality. Good luck, Jonathan!

Manuel Colón said...

Wow, what a lovely connection and tradition to Peace Corps! I served in Paraguay from 2010-2012 and loved it. I'm sure he is going to have a great time!

Manuel Colón said...

Wow! What a great and strong connection to Peace Corps with a family tradition. I served in Paraguay from 2010-2012 and absolutely loved it! I'm sure he's going to have a great time!