Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Diversity Inspires and Heals

 These responses to Four Feet Two Sandals were drawn by 2nd graders in an ESL class.

Newcomers to an American school, they are from the Chin State of Burma.  Their English is limited but they understand what it means to share and care.  They relate to the characters and the story told in this picture book even though it is not a story of Burma.

Four Feet Two Sandals is about two refugee girls from Afghanistan in a refugee camp in Pakistan.

Refugee children around the world can relate to loss of country, home, family.   Perhaps a story they relate to will help them find their place in a new home, a new world.

Let's hope they are welcomed in their new schools by new friends.  And may their classmates be caring and sharing, open to learning about the world they come from, the world we live in.

We need more books with diversity for all children!

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