Monday, June 26, 2017

Even if You Can't Get To the Beach

When I first began writing I just wanted to finish the book, a final draft, then I wanted to get it published.  Then I thought about seeing it a bookstore and in the LIBRARY!  Dare I hope to get fan mail?  Reviews?

One thing I never even imagined was the gratification that comes with seeing my own grandchildren read my books.   Here is two and a half year old Everett "reading"  A Beach Tail.  I am told he woke of from his nap and quietly picked the book out by himself.  He is having a summer beach adventure right in his own bedroom.  And I am shamelessly using him to promote this beach read for you this summer.

But if you cannot get to the beach, no worries.  Take your children or grandchildren on a journey to the park or back yard.  Draw your own lion or other creature in the dirt.  Give him a long tail and go on your own adventure around a tree, an ant hill, up the jungle gym, around the pond, up the hill.  Come back and tell the tale (or tail) of your own adventure. Make a sand drawing.  Look at what  the the students at Severn School did when I visited their school and they read A Beach Tail.

Beach or no beach,  enjoy the summer with a book!

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