Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Navajo Day: It's All Material

Friday January 28 on the Rez, Chinle, AZ.

Can't resist the swap meet where I find anything from jewelry, to a bale of hay, to our patio table, my cowgirl boots, that axe handle we well just about anything whether I need it or not.

Lucky to hear about this sweat. Led by Navajo traditional healer trained in the Lacota way. Pitch black, hot and steamy. I hear the hiss of water on seven hot rocks one for each of the seven grandfathers, the wind sings outside, a raven caws. Inside we honor the four directions, share and give thanks. Sage scented steam coats my body.
Finally getting that third rug off the loom. The weaving is tuff going near the top. Tiny space, fat fingers...Can't wait to warp and begin a new project using all I have learned from my mistakes.
A walk to the west on the mesa, into the sunset with my rez rescue companion.

Not much writing? It's all material.


Barbara O'Connor said...

And what great material! You go, cowgirl!

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

Fascinating and vivid. Wow!