Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuff I Collect: Earrings

Putting me in the Southwest is like putting an addict in a crack house. I have a combined 8 piercings in my two ears and I love earrings, especially ethnic style earrings, long dangling earrings, beaded, sliver, paper, shells. I even have a pair made out of stones.

I make sure I buy myself a new pair for Christmas. The perfect souvenir when traveling? A new pair of earrings. I have even been know to buy a pair I already have...can you say regift?

I have lost a single earring of more pairs than I can count. I keep the lone earring thinking the other will show up...sometimes it does. In the meantime I wear mix and match.

I cannot say that they exactly inspire but I will admit to having to have the right pair of earrings on before I say... sit down to write alone in the house by myself(I don't think the dog notices) to cook dinner(I don't think my husband notices). You get the idea: addiction.

Even with 8 holes in my ears I have more earrings than any one person would ever wear in a year. So I decorate the walls with my jewelry.

Sorting out my earrings is always on my todo list.

I cannot honestly say that my earring collection has inspired my writing yet but look what talented writer friend Leslie Davis Guccione did in her book Borrowed Baby:

He turned to the brunette who had just stepped aside to let them pass. Karen Holland. Her recognized her face, remembered the wild, naturally curly hair pulled back in barrettes at her temples. He glanced at her earrings~~handcrafted, small bits of brass.

..."Remember? We also talked about the piece I wrote on Haiti." She waved her multi-ringed left hand and laughed.

"You disappeared... I swear I tried to call you the next week."
"Malawi. Remember? I was off to Africa. Human interest stuff for Peace Corps article..."
..."Wearing more rings than ever..."
"Engaged, actually. Will Stevens one of the Pittsburgh Peace Corps doctors I went over to interview."

I am delighted to be the model with the earrings for this book...and right there in my ears ...handcrafted, small bits of brass.

Check out Leslie and her latest bestThe Chick Palace seller at : WORDS@WORK: She tucked her ribbed tee... into graffiti-design cropped pants

I can say that I was NOT the inspiration for this story but I can guess a few friends who might be. ;-). And I have actually been in the Chick Palace.

In the meantime I have to go sort earrings. OR maybe head to the local swap meet, or the driving lot of the local grocery store. A drive to the rim of Canyon de Chelly... all right outside my door and guaranteed to offer a selection of new earrings. ;-) and a great way to procrastinate. But first I have to go put on the right pair(or pairs) of earrings.


Anonymous said...

You not only have the best earring collection, but you give the best as gifts too! All my favs are from you! -Laurie :)

TheCremerFamily said...

i love all your earrings! and my sister LOVEs them too. my current fave are the ones that are dangly with string and beads attached. gotta get some of them for my sister! I only wear posts now that i have young kids... :)