Monday, May 21, 2012

Another piece of the rug: herding

Before life was on hold for a week or so after Steve's biking accident, I had another lovely adventure in the name of research.  And another day of sharing the canyon with friends.

Use those canyon walls to make the herding a little easier.

This scarecrow...sometimes sprayed with cheap cologne in hopes of scaring not crows but coyotes, mountain lions, bear away from the corral.

This little guy born yesterday needs to learn how to suckle...Mom needs a lesson too.

He is too young to get up the canyon on his own so he goes in a sling on the herders shoulder.

And they're off!

Some favorite snacks along the way...too much can make a sheep's stomach bubble...not good. 

Almost at the top!

This sheep herder always knew where to catch a little shade.

Nothing can quite describe the beauty of a herd of sheep flowing through the canyon...reminds one of the joy that is to be had in life even after the trauma of a horrific accident.  We are lucky to live in Chinle and to share in the life is healing.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I especially love the sheep herder.