Friday, May 4, 2012

In the Name of Research: Cleaning the Wool

Yes, I could be cleaning up that manuscript or cleaning the house but cleaning the wool we sheared last week only happens once a year so off I go.

An old bed spring makes for a simple tool to shake out the bits of dirt and cactus and sticks.  Pretty fundamental.

This part shouldn't be that difficult and still I am sure I am not getting it right.

 But with 125 pounds of wool, you'd think I might catch on after a while.

Must get it all done and off to Gallup today since the price is up from 15 cents/lb to 50 cents/lb.  Just gas money.
The buyers will wash the wool but some of us can't wait for the next step:  carding.

One generation teaches the next...the way it has always been done since Spider Woman gave the Dine people the gift of rug weaving.

Nali(grandma), fingers itching to get to the final projects, does some hand spinning.
  Meanwhile I am itching to get back to my loom.

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