Monday, October 15, 2012

Road Trip Part III: The Surprises

The best travel reveals the unexpected.  The unexpected inspires.

I have been across the Rio Grande river several times since I moved out west.  And I was dismayed each time to find a trickle at best....damn up stream?

So it was a surprise to find the Rio Grande Gorge State Park that offers hiking, and boating opportunities.   The view of the gorge from the second highest suspension bridge in the US was worth the side trip.

And I am inspired to go back for hiking, camping and boating adventures.  OK maybe there is a poem there too.

Hands down the most unexpected surprise on this road trip:  Earthship.  The concept speaks to my imagination(think writing, think making stuff out of trash and think recycling) .  

 These sustainable  green residential buildings are solar powered and made out of recycled and natural materials.  

Combine Gaudi in style and imagination with Pueblo building materials...mud and straw to begin with.    Add used tires and bottles....  

Earthships is an experiment in sustainable living:

Building with natural and recycled materials
Solar/thermal heating and cooling
Solar and wind electric power
Water harvesting
Contained sewage treatment
Food production.

I found what every writer looks for from every experience.   Inspiration and new material.  Something out there that I can put my passion behind, a new exploration  to delve into.  

Kids who will inherit this earth need to know about the possibilities.  The whimsical design of the buildings would make for eye-catching illustrations.  I can already see children designing their own Earthships.  

 Now I need to commit to the research and writing and rewriting....

Finally nature always surprises.  I learned that New Mexico has some of that Colorado gold this time of year with Aspens spread across the mountains like sunlight.

 And this as we drove back  into Chinle.  The sky in the west is always dramatic and surprising.   Could offer up a poem or more.

Now I need to sit and do what writers do, turn these surprises and new experiences into something more, translate my enthusiasm into something creative that will capture my reader's imagination. 

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