Saturday, December 22, 2012

Henna for the Holidays: The United Nations of Chinle

Who knew Chinle would be such a cosmopolitan place?  People from all over the world.  And I don't mean just tourists who come from everywhere to see Canyon De Chelly.

We are very lucky to have neighbors from Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Jamaica, the Philippines, Nigeria and Kenya, Canada, Belarus not to mention Navajo of course, to name a few.  And right now I count 8 returned Peace Corps volunteers from around the world as well.

Imagine the food we have at pot lucks!  Imagine the potential for sharing customs and cultures.  Tuesday evening found me at my neighbor's home drinking green tea with cinnamon and cardamon and eating  fresh made snacks from Pakistan.  I had my hand decorated with henna.

   What a lovely way to bring on the holiday spirit.   And the weather outside only added to the cozy indoor sharing of stories art and customs.

Lucky we are to live in a community rich in diversity and beauty.

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