Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NCTE 2012 Las Vegas: Books and Bling

It may have been Vegas with the lights and bling but at the booths and at the workshops it was all inspiring, energy and passionate dedicated teachers, librarians, parents, writers, publishers and editors.   All offering great hope for education of future generations.
Many thanks to Eerdmans Books for Children for making it possible for me to be a part of this conference.

The bling was pretty much all outside.

Except for the inside where there was more sensory overload with music and lots of smoke.

Flashing lights a must.

 New York was there too!
This is where we stayed...NOT my usual B and B choice.  The cost of a room was not bad but did you want to actually breathe too?  That will cost you extra.

And of course there was the gambling.  It took three minutes to loose $30.  And I could have had three more books for that cost.  Silly me.

But then there was the real reason I has there.

I was part of a program that explored the use of books to help children understand and perhaps take action on issues of social justice.  I had the honor of speaking with writer Deborah Ellis and illustrator Floyd Cooper on a panel.  Books That Make a Difference:  Kids Taking Action for Social Justice.

 This is a big topic.

I used three of my picture books,  Circles of Hope, Four Feet Two Sandals and My Name is Sangoel and stories of children I have known around the world in my presentation: Dreams, Hope and Loss in Everyday Life of Children Around the World.

Here is a tease:  "I have lived with and worked with children who are aids orphans, children who live on the streets, sleep in trees.  Young children who must find a way to earn a living, children who must be the adult in the family.  Children who have lost everything including their country and sometimes even their name.  These children have taught me much and they inform my writing."

It was an inspiring and thought provoking workshop.  And I even got to sign books!

I came home with much to think about, lots of writing ideas and look what I get to read and share:

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Heidi Ruby Miller said...

What an awesome event, Karen!

Mind if I snag some photos and post them on the Many Genres site with a link back to your wonderful recap?

:) Heidi