Friday, April 11, 2014

Got Moccasins? Check.

I have been looking for someone to make me a pair of moccasins since I arrived on the Navajo Reservation.   You can buy them pre-made in some of the shops here but they are stiff and ...well...not handmade.  I have also seen some moccasins where the craftsmanship is not up to speed.

Then I met Deborah Teller.  She took a class at the Dine College in the art and craft of moccasin making.   Believe me it is NOT just a matter of tracing your foot.  It is an art that must be practiced.

My new moccasins are soft and  molded to my feet.  Deborah explains that making moccasins is almost like sculpting.  They are all sewn by hand.

I learned a few things about wearing moccasins too.  Do not wear them to a funeral or burial or cemetary.  If someone passes away their moccasins should be taken to the mountain and left there.

And you should not decorate your moccasins( well except for the buttons on the side to keep them closed.)  But then why would I?  I love the red/brown color of the soft suede.  

Interested in a pair for yourself?  Talk to Deborah:  760 975-4313
Her husband makes custom designed chaps too.  Now if I only rode rodeo...but y'all know me, I would hang a pair on the wall....

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