Monday, May 12, 2014

Light Writes the Story: Antelope Canyon and a Poem

Photography literally means writing with light.

Thousands of people come to Antelope Canyon outside of Page Arizona each year to capture the light that filters into the canyon and writes it's story on sandstone.

The light etches itself into cracks and crevices.  It flows in waves.

Light colors the spaces and gives us shadow.

It reveals the the story of alluvial formations and aeolian erosion that continues through the ages in this sacred Navajo landscape.

Light sets the mood and changes with the day, the season, the time.

It sets the stage.

Light illuminates the important, give us our moods and inspires the photographer and the poet alike.  It tells our story.

Human Things
by Howard Nemerov

When the sun gets low, in winter,
The lapstreaked side of a red barn
Can put so flat a stop to its light
You'd think everything was finished.

Each dent, fray, scratch, or splinter,
any gray weathering where the paint
Has scaled off, is a healed scar
Grown harder with the wounds of light.

Only a tree's trembling shadow
Crosses that ruined composure; even
Nail holes look deep enough to swallow
Whatever light has left to give.

And after sundown, when the wall
Slowly surrenders its color, the rest
Remains, its high, obstinate
Hulk more shadowy than the night.

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