Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Casa do Burro: Holiday off the grid in Portugal Part 2

 Casa do Burro, named after this guy,  another organic farm get- away is just one kilometer up the mountain from Aqua Ventura(see previous post).
 This welcoming farm owned by a German couple with two small children is just as magical as Aqua Ventura.
Also close to the sea and villages with cafes, Sagres and Lagos, hiking and adventure nearby this unusual get away has it's own kind of whimsy.

The mainstay of the organic farm and guest home is goat cheese made on the property and sold at local markets.

 Besides the goats there are rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs, chickens, a horse and of course the burrow to add to the eclectic ambiance.


On Saturday evenings you might find a pick up soccer(football) game, Wwoofers( more to come in next post), guests, neighbors and anyone else who might be around gather in this unique setting.  You will find yourself in a horse corral playing with young and old from around the world.  The dirtier you get the more fun you had.

 If you believe that  the people you meet are the best part of travel then this opportunity to learn from, play with and enjoy an international community is something to be experienced.

Just witnessing the interest, the spirit and actual practical work on these organic farms off the grid gives one hope for the future of the environment and our children.

See more at:  http://www.casadoburro.com/pages/en/home.php

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