Thursday, August 21, 2014

Old Books New News

Look what was spotted as a featured book at the Chapel Hill Library!

A writer loves to see her books on the shelf in a library.

Better yet checked out and in the hands of kids.

And then this note from a teacher.  A writer
also likes to know her works
are bing used creatively
and meaningfully!

Circles of Hope


You might recall that I wrote to you 
last March to let you know 
I was using your book Circles of Hope 
in a UU regional workshop 
on storytelling and social justice.  
By the way, 
the story worked great!

This summer I have started
 a new project
called that reviews
stories that are particularly
well-suited for multigenerational worship.
I have just published
a review of Circles of Hope.
The link is:
I thought you might like to see it. 
I am just starting to get
the word out about the website.
 I think it will be a very
valuable resource for multigenerational
worship leaders who are always
looking for that next great story.
If you would be willing to mention in you blog,
I would be most appreciative. 


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