Friday, January 23, 2015

I Love Gardens, I Love Books

I love libraries.  And I love to see young people using their passion, taking initiative, doing something to make a difference.  See what Lori has done:

Buliding a little free library dedicated to Cathy Horowitz, my amazing mother and elementary school librarian for 35 years, took crowdsourced fundraising (we raised $1700!) and the collective effort of the neighborhood. I moved to Black St in East Liberty in the summer of 2013. Once I became involved in the community garden in my new neighborhood, I realized how many children there are around the area, and how much they could stand to benefit from a Little Free Library. The library we built houses children's books for four different age ranges: 0-4, 4-8, 8-12,and 12+ to young adult as well as gardening books. I am so excited that it is up and running, and the neighborhood kids really seem to feel the same. We thank Karen Lynn Williams for her contribution of a number of copies of Galimoto. This is a book that I grew up with my mother reading to me, it was one of my and her favorites. I am very glad that it gets to be a part of our Little Free Library.  

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Thanks Lori!

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