Friday, January 16, 2015

Some of My Favorite Things

Look what another friend surprised me with over the holidays.  If you read my blog you will not be surprise to know that puppets(I  used to make them and put on puppet shows with my children), poetry and found object art are a few of my favorite things.

Books are too and Ashley Bryan is one of my favorite writers.

So I feel like he created this book just for me.  And my friend knows me well!

Ashley Bryan's Puppets  is lush with imagination and creativity.   His puppets are created from bits of sea glass and driftwood, fishing nets and bleached bones.  He is endowed with the artists eye and the ability to look at an object and see something new.  From these found objects he has created a family of puppets and for each one he has written a poem.  What child would not itch to create this kind of whimsy and write their own poems?

And speaking of found object crafts, creativity and imagination this book makes a great companion book for Galimoto written by yours truly.  There is a reason this book is still selling strong after more than twenty years.  Children love to imagine and create....all over the world.

Thank you Nancy Bo Flood.  Check out her books and life.

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